No club membership, but a handicap registration

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There are numerous golf courses in The Netherlands and the choice for a home course, when you want to golf, is difficult. But why would you choose just one golf course, when you can play throughout The Netherlands? With a membership to the D-club Estate Golf Card you can enjoy all of the benefits of a golf club without actually becoming a member: no obligations, no permanent membership to one course where you feel you “have” to play but an online handicap registration with the Dutch Golf Federation (NGF), which allows you to play everywhere.

With an online handicap registration you retain the freedom to play where you want, without making unnecessary extra costs. However, with an Estate Golf Card membership you can always use the practice facilities at Welderen Estate Golf Course and Bleijenbeek Estate Golf Course, so that you can improve your game and keep your handicap up to par. Additionally, with your membership you will receive two greenfee vouchers (per year!) to the 18 Holes Championship Course that you can redeem at both courses and you will receive a 20% discount at various participating golf courses.

For only € 95,00 per year you can enjoy the cardholder benefits immediately, including your handicap registration and many extra’s.

Landgoed Golfkaart - Voordelige handicap registratie
Landgoed Golfkaart - Voordelige handicap registratie

Landgoed Golfkaart
Antwoordnummer 121
6660 VB ELST

Golfbaan Welderen
Grote Molenstraat 173
6661 NH Elst (Gld)
Tel: 0481-376591

Golfbaan Bleijenbeek
Bleijenbeek 14
5851 EE Afferden (Lb)
Tel: 0485-530084